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Our arborists in Gastonia, NC, Cherryville, NC and Shelby, NC can help

When you purchased your home, you most likely noticed the ornate furnishings, natural light and bedroom space. You probably didn’t scan the landscape for troublesome trees. If you have a tree problem that is decreasing the value of your home or ruining your curb appeal, contact Charlie Tree Service in Cherryville, North Carolina, Gastonia, North Carolina, and Shelby, North Carolina

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can enjoy a pristine tree line. Overgrown foliage is no match for our local arborists. We’ve been in business since 1992 and have a diverse arsenal of tree care tools. Call 704-740-7474 for more information about tree maintenance and request your free estimate.

tree pruning gastonia nc

All trees are beautiful, but not all trees are safe. Eliminate safety hazards on your property with swift tree removal.

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Our stump grinding and removal services are thorough. We won’t leave any trace of your tree behind.

stump grinding gastonia nc

If your trees are overtaking the yard, it’s probably time to call an arborist. We’ll trim those excess leaves in Cherryville and Shelby, NC.

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Did harsh winds scatter debris all over your property? We can address the aftermath with 24/7 storm damage services.

3 signs of an unhealthy tree

While no two trees are exactly the same, these common indicators point towards a safety hazard:

  • V-shaped unions (two branches aligned in a V-shape)
  • Fungus (mushrooms at the foot of your tree suggest decay)
  • Dead wood (brittle branches are an accident waiting to happen)

We’re Cherryville approved

Charlie Tree Service is contracted by numerous residential and commercial property owners. We’re also hired by the city of Cherryville to protect the community from storm damage and unsafe trees. Schedule your tree care appointment or free estimate by calling 704-740-7474. If you’re concerned about heavy machinery tearing up your grass, ask about our yard-friendly service options.

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