Do You Have a Chip on Your Shoulder?

We remove vexing tree stumps around Cherryville, Gastonia, & Shelby, NC

You’re having a great afternoon playing football with the guys. Then, as the ball goes sailing through the air and you run to catch it, you stub your toes on a gnarly tree stump. The ball falls to the ground and now you’re flying through the air instead.

Are you tired of unsightly tree stumps ruining your field of play? Do your toes need a break from stump-related injuries? Contact Charlie Tree Service in Cherryville, Gastonia, & Shelby, North Carolina for a yard you can enjoy. We’ll completely grind down tree stumps and clean up afterwards. Call 704-740-7474 to receive your free written estimate.

stump grinding gastonia nc

Add your trees to our daily grind

Get your head in the tree maintenance game. When you schedule stump removal in Cherryville, Gastonia, or Shelby, you’re choosing improved backyard safety and aesthetic appeal. Charlie Tree Service has been grinding stumps for over 20 years. We will:

  • Provide a fair quote
  • Work swiftly
  • Protect your terrain
  • Grind thoroughly
  • Clear up woodchips